One of the best ways to get involved at In Focus Church is through serving. 

Sunday morning opportunities include:



The Admin Facilitator Team serves as a connecting point between the kid spaces, auditorium, and foyers. They monitor these areas during services in order to assist people and for security purposes. They are responsible for unlocking doors into the kid spaces when necessary.

  • Coffee Team

The Coffee Team makes sure there is freshly brewed coffee available for everyone's enjoyment every Sunday at our beverage stations in the courtyard and foyer.

  • Connect team *(membership requirement)

Volunteers with enthusiasm and big smiles are needed to staff our Information Desk. Your purpose is to be friendly and provide information about events, classes, and our church in general.

  • Greeter

The greeter team creates an irresistible environment through welcoming people each week on our campus, whether it is on a Wednesday night or Sunday morning. If you love to smile and greet people, this is the team for you.

  • Hospitality food team * (membership requirement)

This team provides breakfast to our worship and technical teams on Sunday mornings during the 3 services and dinner or refreshments for special events.

  • Medical Team * (CPR & First aid certification required)

The medical team ensures there is coverage during our services and special events in case someone needs first aid.  

  • Operations Team: * (Background Check Required)

The Sunday Morning Set Up and Tear Down Team is responsible for opening up the church every Sunday morning and ensuring everything is in place for members and guests. This team starts preparing for the morning at 6:30am. The team members role is not limited to just Sunday morning, as they assist with set up for many different special events.

  • Parking Attendant (MVP)

The MVP’s direct traffic in and out of our parking lot each Sunday and Wednesday night. They insure people’s safety and maintain the flow of traffic.                                                               

  • Resource Center * (Background check & membership requirements)

The Resource Center is a fun way to help people grow spiritually by providing resources such as books and CDs on Sunday mornings. We also provide products for special events such as our ladies conference. If you love people and providing them with ways to grow in their relationship with Jesus, this team is for you.

  • Security * (background check & membership Requirements)

The security team serves the people of our church family by providing a protective element in case there is an emergency situation.


The Usher team plays a vital role in directing the flow of our services by helping guests find seats, collecting our offerings and assisting anyone with a need during our services. 

“Kid focus”

  • Elementary (1st-5th Grade)* (membership requirement)

Kid Focus elementary needs fun and engaging volunteers to serve and interact with children. This area is the perfect fit for those with a love for kids, fun, and showing the love of Christ.


The KidCheck team helps first-time families and regular attendees by making their child’s check-in process smooth and efficient.  With a welcoming smile, we input information into our computer system, fix printer jams and answer any questions the Mom or Dad may have. 

  • Kid Focus* (membership requirement)

Kid Focus is the most rewarding and fun way to serve at In Focus! Check out the ways you can serve below!

  • Nursery/Pre-school (Infant-Kindergarten)*(membership requirement)

By serving in either the nursery or the pre-school classes, you have the unique opportunity to serve the youngest members of In Focus and their parents. If you have a heart for babies and young children, this is the area for you!


  • audio / visual / media Technician

We as a church love to communicate in a language that resonates with the culture around us which processes masses of information visually. We need volunteers to help us create content that speaks the message of Jesus' Gospel in relevant and innovative ways from video, photography, graphic design, web design, and social media. 

  • Band / Vocal / Choir

We see the worship team as more than just the music. The sound, visual and lights team all work passionately to create an authentic atmosphere in which we as a church worship God together. If you are a good musician, singer, or like the techy stuff more, submit the form below for more info on becoming part of this great team.   

  • Photography team:

The Photography Team is responsible for documenting Sunday mornings as well as major events at In Focus Church. We get the unique opportunity to see and capture the diversity, beauty, and growth of our church through our lenses. We are a growing team and we would love for you to be a part. 

WEDnesday night opportunities include:

  • Greeter

The greeter team creates an irresistible environment through welcoming people each week on our campus, whether it is on a Wednesday night or Sunday morning. If you love to smile and greet people, this is the team for you.

  • IMPACT Youth Student Ministry (Grades 6-12) * (Membership requirement)

The student ministry at In Focus Church exists to help teenagers discover God’s deep love for them, while pursuing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are always looking for more adult volunteers that feel called to come along side them in that pursuit. If that’s you, tap the email button. 

  • Kid's Club (Grades 1-4) * Flyte (5th grade) * (membership requirement)

Kid Focus is a rewarding and fun way to serve at In Focus!  We offer many ways to serve in Kid Focus, including helping to lead worship, audio/visual, playing games, Kid’s Club is on Wednesday evenings, and also includes special events(VBS, Christmas musical, spring and fall carnivals), and much more.  

  • Parking Attendant (MVP)

The MVP’s direct traffic in and out of our parking lot each Sunday and Wednesday night. They insure people’s safety and maintain the flow of traffic. 


  • Event Set-Up and Take-Down

This team is the moving force that sets up for special events throughout the year in the life of our church. It is a joy to be involved in a team that makes an event successful.

  • Impart - Connecting Generations

Impart exists to engage older members of In Focus in meaningful relationships with younger members and to offer practical help as needed (e.g. meals, fellowship, transportation, yard/house work,etc.).  These relationships will also present the opportunity for older believers to share their wisdom, experience, and maturity with the next generation of believers.

  • Ladies' Ministry

We believe every lady is valuable, significant and loved by God. We know that God’s purpose and plan for each person on the planet is sure and dependable. No matter your age, background, status, where you have been or where you are going…YOU are welcome at In Focus Church. We want you to find a place to belong, rest, and grow with Jesus and one another.
You can be involved with the Ladies Ministry in the following areas:

1.  Be involved and committed to the small groups at IFC.  

2.  The Collective.  The Collective is a gathering for worship, teaching and prayer and will usually meet five times a year. This event is an extension of all God is doing in and through In Focus Church.

3.  Inspire Ladies Conference.

Please submit your contact info for more details on what service opportunities look like for the Ladies Ministry.

  • Maintenance/Facilities

The facilities team takes care of building repairs inside and outside as needed. No skills necessary, we will train you and equip you to perform a task. 

  • Meals4Sharing

The Meals4sharing team provides meals for families or individuals going through a difficult or challenging time due to surgery or illness, or a joyful time such as a new birth in the family.  

  • Men's Ministry

At In Focus, we desire to see men fighting for a deeper relationship with God in their own lives, and also encouraging one another to do the same.  That’s why we host a quarterly event called The Arena.  This event takes a large team of men to plan and set up for.  If you want to get plugged in with a group of men that are disciples making disciples, this is the team for you.  

  • Office Volunteer

We sometimes need help performing small, repeating weekly tasks and we sometimes need help with big, special projects too!  If you have free time during office hours and have a desire to serve in this way, submit the form below for more information.   

Visit one of our giving kiosks in the lobby or fill out the form below, and you will be contacted with more information.  

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