what we do

This year has held many firsts for us in what WE believe is a precursor to some of the greatest years of ministry we have ever seen!  We have continued to see growth at every level of ministry.

We have higher attendance numbers but more importantly, there was an increase in baptisms64 people in 2018!  We’ve seen our volunteer teams grow, our student ministry grow, our ladies and men’s ministries grow, our Campus ministry grow, and our children’s numbers have increased. We also gave the highest single offering ever for  “Greater One Day” to help pay for a portion of our building project

God is growing His church! Our growth represents the “why” behind all we are straining towards. As the Apostle Paul said, strain towards one goal, the “prize that is only found in Christ Jesus.” We have said all along during our expansion process that we would keep being generous towards those we support. 

With that being said, it’s time once again for our Annual Reach Offering. On Sunday, December 16 we will bring our best gift to further extend our reach for the kingdom of God, particularly in the area of missions. Through this special offering we stretch our faith, obey God’s direction to give above and beyond our normal giving, and extend an even “greater reach” for God’s Kingdom. In Focus has a worldwide impact, and to keep fulfilling our mission, it will take all of us doing our part with whatever resources God has put in our hands.  Ask God to show you how you can be radically generous so we can REACH even more people with the love of Christ in 2019.  One Day, One Goal, One Gift, REACH