"Our vision is to raise up people who love God, love each other, and advance the Kingdom of God by taking this love into every facet of life." 

If we stay focused on our values and continue to fulfill our mission as a church, we will see great things happen. Our vision is to see lost people saved by the power of Jesus Christ and also see Christ followers become fully devoted disciples of Jesus. These statements are what we "envision" that would look like. We also understand that God is able to do more than we could ever ask or think. 

Lost People
Every person, no matter their ethnicity, background, age, status or station in life, would be drawn in by the passion for God that they see and the compassion for people that they experience. People who were once in bondage are set free, troubled pasts are forgotten in an instant, and the miracle of radically changed lives is consistently taking place week after week. From small groups reaching out, to church services designed with the great commission in mind, those that were once unfamiliar with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ find themselves captured by His love. 

Connecting People
Authentic relationships being cultivated, maintained, and fought for generation after generation. Healthy families living life together, children growing up together, men locking arms with other men, women growing in grace and strength together, and deep life-long friendships being formed year after year. Transparency and vulnerability is present in everyone's life. Encouragement, laughter, and joy fill each gathering. Communication and understanding come easily to those who give themselves to connecting properly. No one is isolated and as a result we are all strengthened and unified. 

Irresistible Environment
Entering the parking lot there is something noticeably different. Every step thereafter from the front door, to the foyer, the auditorium, the children's ministry, the nursery and the entire campus shouts "God is here and His creativity and power are limitless." Security and love permeate each different environment in such a way that each person cannot help but notice something unlike anything they have ever experienced before. Their surroundings present them with a choice to embrace God, receive His love and surrender to His grace. 

Spiritual Growth
Countless lives that experience victory over sin. People who were once a "mess" now have peace and joy in their lives. Abundant living is a part of the normal Christian life and numerous people begin to experience this freedom for living. There are people growing in their knowledge and love of God year after year. Servants of God grow and mature into friends of God. There are people whose impact on the world around them becomes greater and greater each passing year because of a greater passion for God.