We Value Lost People
We know that God values and loves all people. So we follow the greatest commandment and the great commission and purposefully pursue those who have not yet received the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A passion for God compels us to a compassion for people.

We Value Connecting People
Christianity is about relationship and we believe in purposefully building authentic community in which to experience the abundant life God has called us to live. We pay the price to persevere through difficulties, and to prefer others over ourselves so we can enjoy the richness and security of healthy life-long relationships.

We Value an Irresistible Environment
We want to create an environment where every hindrance and excuse to meet with God is removed. We want every environment and every person that people encounter to reflect the deep love we have for God and for people. By our prayer, preparation, and excellence we want every setting to be one that points directly to God's great love and limitless creativity.

We Value Spiritual Growth
The only true proof of a surrendered life is good fruit. We want to see people grow exponentially year after year in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Our goal is to see people becoming wholehearted worshipers of God and true disciples that exhibit lordship and obedience in every facet of their lives.