In our mission to reach the world with the love of Christ, In Focus Church supports organizations, ministries and missionaries both locally and globally. Below you can familiarize yourself with the missionaries we currently support on a monthly basis, and get information to support them individually.



Alli Townsend went to college at Augusta University during which time she began attending In Focus Church. She graduated in 2005 with a degree in communications  and proceeded to go through the Every Nation School of Ministry and raise her financial partnership team.  She then returned to Augusta, where she served as campus missionary with In Focus Church at Augusta University. Since that time she has also served the campuses of Florida State University and the University of Georgia before returning to Augusta in 2015. 


Currently on campus, Alli spends time discipling students and empowering students to lead small groups. She also helps plan mission trips, fall retreat, and student conferences.  On a national level she serves as a coach for new missionaries raising their financial partnership team.




Kathy has felt called to mission work from an early age. She says that her story after that has been a "step by step leading of her Shepherd":

Jan. 8, 1956-God planted a seed in her heart on her 8th birthday when five missionaries were killed by Auca Indians in Ecuador.  

1978-81- Kathy served as a teacher to missionary children in Ecuador with World Radio Missionary Fellowship (HCJB)

2013-2018- Kathy served as a teacher to nationals with Destino del Reino in Honduras building Christian leaders.  

Present- Moving forward, Kathy will be a librarian/mentor at La Providencia in Honduras.  La Providencia provides family-based community of care for orphans and at-risk children in Honduras to enable them to live spiritually fruitful lives and take their places as leaders in Honduran society.  

"I am still His sheep desperately in need of my Shepherd. Thank you for being a part of God's Team!!"- Kathy

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Fikri was born and raised in Cairo Egypt. He moved to Santa Cruz Bolivia in 1989 at age 16. He is fluent in 6 languages: Arabic, French, Italian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Fikri studied and graduated with BA in Theology from SEMTAD and Global University and then went on to finish a Masters program in Intercultural studies at Universidad Evangelica. He served as a missionary to Bolivia and Latin America for 18 years. Since 1998, he's served as a Church planter in the great city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. He's also had the opportunity to serve as a Bible and Theology professor for 10 years in Bolivia. In 2007 he became a missionary to the United States when he and his family moved here. He planted Iglesia Latina Bethel at Bethel Community Church in Clarksville Tennessee and Bridge Church International in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida! He is currently serving as the cultural missionary to the internationals in Nashville, TN.  He is also the online Pastor for Bethel and serves on the regional team overseeing Every Nation Latin America churches.

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Ben and Michelle are answering God’s call to be missionaries to Scotland’s ‘Central Belt’ region. They will be ministering under Pastor Tom Jackson at Centerpoint Church Bathgate, a township which lies between Scotland’s two biggest cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Center for European Church Planting estimates that just over 4% of Europe’s population follow, and care to encourage others to follow Jesus. In the United Kingdom, less than 9% of the population identify as Evangelical, but only a third of that 9% attend church regularly. Most Christians in the United Kingdom do not feel sufficiently equipped to share their faith. The Evangelical church has stagnated, showing 0% growth per year.

Ben and Michelle will work on growing the church’s evangelism program and outreach in Bathgate and surrounding towns. They will share the Good News of Jesus Christ, but also encourage and equip believers to share their own faith in Jesus. The fire of the Gospel may have dimmed but it has not died out in Europe. Our goal is to breathe God’s Spirit onto those embers and reignite the flame.

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Based in Latvia, Viktor travels Europe using his gifts of teaching and music to share the Gospel. 

If you'd like to partner with him, you can send a contribution to Covenant Centre International at 9153 Roan Lane, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403.