Legion - Week 2 – Strongholds

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Sin can become a stronghold in our lives when we allow sin to live within us unconfessed and unrepented from. However, we do not fight with the power within our own selves; rather, we fight with the weapons with divine power to demolish strongholds.


Pastor Jim shared how much he enjoyed his Farmhaus burger Saturday night. What is the best meal you have had recently? What made it so good? What is your favorite place to eat and why?SCRIPTURE REFERENCES

Scripture References

Ephesians 6:12

John 8:44

John 10:10

1 Peter 5:8

1 John 3:8*

Mark 5:1-9*

Luke 9:1-2

Acts 4:12

Mark 5:15-20

Philippians 2:9-11

*Denotes primary text for the message



Read John 14:30

Jesus said that the enemy holds no power over him.

Pastor Jim stated: “the only hold the enemy has over you today is the one you give him.

Q: Why/how does Jesus not allow the enemy to have power over him yet we allow footholds to take place in our lives.

Q: Do you believe that you have the power to resist sin and allow no foothold in your life through Christ? How is that possible?


Read Ephesians 4:26-27

Q: How do we allow footholds into our lives? Are there any areas where you may be allowing sin to have a foothold in your life?

Q: What have you allowed in your life that has become a foothold because of allowing sin to go unchecked?


Read Hebrews 12:15

Q: What strongholds are present in your life?

Read Revelation 12:10

Q: What strongholds has God overcome in your life?



Do you notice any strongholds in your life? Has anyone pointed out a potential stronghold in your life? What?


What roots of strongholds are present in your life?

  1. Stubborn sin pattern

    1. What habitual sin patterns are present in your life?

  2. Negative influences/curses

    1. What behaviors, sin patterns, curses have you seen in your family history that may be present in your life?

  3. Trauma

    1. Have you experienced any trauma?

    2. What is the greatest loss you have experienced in life? How have you dealt with that?


How do we demolish strongholds in our lives?

What strongholds in your life need to be demolished?

Use the SOAP method this week with THE Mark 5 pASSAGE


Read the passage several times. Write a summary of the passage.


What stands out in this passage? What are the principles and truth that are being presented in the passage. What does this passage show you about Jesus? What does this passage show you about yourself? What other questions would you like to ask? Stick to the text, don’t look outside the text or begin application yet.


How can you apply the principles taught in this passage to your life. What does God want to change in you based on this passage? How does this passage affect the way you view God and others? What is your response to reading this passage?


Submit yourself to God. Ask God to help you have victory over the strongholds in your life. Call these strongholds by name and declare victory over them. 

Joshua Maxwell