The purpose of this offering

Support Local, National, Global Missions

Primarily, this gift is designated to support global, national, and local missions and organizations that assist the poor and needy.  Since we believe that church planting is the greatest way to spread the good news of the gospel this offering also helps in supporting new church plants.  

We believe we should all be “serving, giving, going, and growing”.  We serve with our whole hearts and the entirety of our lives.  We give financially.  We go where the Lord opens the opportunity and the relationship.  In turn we know the kingdom of God will grow, and so will we.  

We are and want to continue to be a socially responsible church. We have contributed close to $97,000 over the last six years to local, national, and global missions and organizations that assist the poor and needy.  This offering will help us give extra financial support to the ministries we already support throughout the year.  

The following are some of the local missions that benefit from this offering:  Golden Harvest Food Bank, Augusta Care Pregnancy Center, Family Promise (helps homeless and low income families achieve sustainable independence), and iCare (ministers to sexually exploited women and children).

Globally, we continue our effort to support the Thembalitsha Foundation in South Africa.  For the last nine years we have partnered with this ministry and their nine different projects: Village of Hope, Graceland Pre-School, Thembacare Grabouw, Themba Training, Themba Connect, Mama Themba, School of Hope, Agape Educare, and Educare Grabouw.  To read more about all of these incredible ministries, check out  Our REACH offering has singlehandedly helped fund some of these projects when they needed it the most!

Your gifts are implementing justice, meeting the needs of the poor, hungry and sick, and reaching the lost here and all over the world!

Further resource our church facility to better equip our church to reach the lost and hurting people of our community and continue to develop generations of passionate Christ followers

Although the expansion we are planning in the near future will take ongoing sacrificial giving, REACH One Day will help us continue to press on towards the goal to expand our current facility.  We want to provide the best opportunity for the people of Evans and surrounding areas to become fully developing followers of Jesus! We want to use the best resources, offer the greatest opportunities to grow spiritually, and create irresistible and creative environments to both cultivate and consider a relationship with Jesus. 



Why do we have an annual offering?

This annual offering, REACH, is an opportunity for us to grow in our faith and to prepare us for what God wants to do through our church in 2017. As part of God’s plan to grow the faith of people in His church, He calls us to sacrificial giving or giving beyond our ability from time to time.  This offering is not because we are behind on budget, but rather is to position us to make an even greater impact in our city, in our church, and around the world in 2017.  It also teaches all of us to listen to God and obey what He shows us to do. 

What’s the difference between the regular tithe & offering and this annual offering?

The regular tithe to In Focus is at least the proportional amount (10% of our income) that we set apart on a systematic basis and give throughout the year. From time to time there are opportunities to give above that in a sacrificial way. Biblically this is known as an offering. This Annual REACH Offering is one of those sacrificial occasions that stretches us and grows our faith. When God stretches our faith, we grow and are never the same. The annual offering should be over and above what you regularly give. The only way we increase our current reach is to go above and beyond what we currently give.

How much should I give?

Please prayerfully consider a sacrificial gift that will stretch your faith.   Seek God and let Him show you how to generously respond. As C.S. Lewis states, “No one can settle how much we ought to give.  The only safe rule is to give more than we can spare.” My only addition to that would be, “and do it with a joyful heart!”

When should I give?

This year we are doing things differently than in the past.  Instead of stretching out the offering over eight weeks, we are going to see what God can do through us in one day!  So on one day, with one goal, we are going to give our best one gift and see how far we can extend our reach for the kingdom of God.  Our REACH One Day is December 11, 2016.  However, you can give at any point from now through the end of this calendar year.  On this special day you can use any of the giving platforms that we use here on a weekly basis to give; the REACH offering envelopes (check or cash), giving kiosks, Secure Give app, In Focus Church app or text to give.

How can I give?

 We have many ways to give.  You can give online at, by simply selecting the Giving tab and following the instructions. You can also use the Secure Give app, our new In Focus Church app, our giving kiosks in the main foyer areas, or text to give. You can use your own bank’s online payment option to send a check directly to the church office. Simply mark in the memo area that your gift is for the REACH Offering.  Questions? Email us at

Are my gifts tax-deductible?

All gifts to In Focus Church, whether via the regular offering or this annual offering, are completely tax-deductible. Please be sure to include your name and address when you give so a receipt can be sent to you for your tax preparation. You are not required to utilize a tax deduction for your gift, but it is available for all gifts.

Have additional questions? Please contact the church office at, or call 706.868.7788.